Tara Mehrad was born in Tehran in to a music loving family, listening to blues and jazz from a very early age. 

Wanting to become a musician, and with singing being forbidden for women in Iran, she finally finds a way to leave her country at the age of 23, to follow her passion in Paris. 

She starts by studying jazz in the « American School of Modern Music » followed by Brazilian music in « Arpej » and « Bill Evans piano academy », all the while studying vocal technique with Jasmin Martorell, an international singing professor with whom she creates a singing course in Paris called « Souffle Chanteur » that she continues to this day. 

After years of performing with different groupes and styles and teaching , she finally finds her voice and inspiration between her roots and her passion, between Persian poetry and Occidental harmony, and decides to start a solo project called « A few Persian Songs », singing and playing the piano. 

It is only after her union with Laurent de Oliveira, a French/Brazilian piano player, that the project comes to life. 

A world of their compositions, together or apart with lyrics written by Tara, performed in her own unique way, full of honesty, expression and life.