SEDA Collective is a virtual platform created by independent iranian musicians, dedicated to represent the diversity of contemporary Iranian movements, inside of Iran as well as Iranian diaspora. SEDA also seeks to collaborate with musicians from various backgrounds and music styles.

We believe in the power of community and therefore not only aim to represent the diversity in the music of our artists, but also open up discussions and themes related to music and the music industry that affect our music community as a whole.

How does SEDA work? 

SEDA Virtual Concert Series:
We present the work of our artists through high-quality virtual concert series which will be released once per month. The videos of each artist, as well as the whole concerts, are then available on our website for purchasing. 

SEDA Discussion Series:
We will make regular interviews, podcasts, and virtual discussion tables about music and music-related themes, which will also be available on our website. 

Seda one to one conversations:
After releasing each episode, we will organize Q&A sessions with our fans and musicians who are eager to connect with the SEDA community.

How to Support SEDA? 

Purchase the concert tickets (Minimum 5 €).  

Purchase the previously released Videos & Audios in our store. 


*The money is then used to maintain our platform and to pay our creators and performers for their time, services and creations. 

Why Support SEDA? 

Music-making and performance is a highly specialized full-time profession. It requires years of training as well as a great deal of time and financial investments on one's music to be able to become a professional creator and performer.

The music industry is not designed to benefit a large number of musicians. Exploiting the creative efforts of the artists has unfortunately, become normality. 

We believe we can do things differently! 


SEDA gives full freedom to its artists to create, produce, and represent their music or artwork. 

SEDA pays its artists for every piece they create for our platform, and make sure their music is presented in the most professional way. 

SEDA gives visibility to its artists by interviewing them and inviting them to SEDA discussions. 

SEDA encourages its artists to collaborate with other musicians  to encourage solidarity and expand their musical territories. 

SEDA cares about its fans and seeks to connect with them through open Q&A sessions, email, and social platforms. 

In other words, SEDA is about connecting, raising awareness, growth, and empowerment. 

Join our collective not only to enjoy the power of music and creativity but also to be an active agency to empower our music community. 

Yours truly,